General Purpose Warehouse

Functional ProponentG4
Technical POCJavier Fano
COS ManagerMatt Milliorn
Category Code(s)44110, 44220, 44230, 44271, 44288


GPW facilities provide storage capabilities, warehouse operations space and administration space used to support logistics and base operations.Functional spaces generally include bulk storage area, shipping, receiving, administrative offices, and a customer service area.The facilities support outside storage for bulk material as deemed necessary by the Army Unit occupying the building.The functional spaces have been optimized to facilitate modern material handling and logistics operations.Corridor spaces between racks are required for the movement of fork lift trucks and other material handling equipment.


GPW's are designed to store and handle various equipment and materials up to a moderate hazard level. Therefore, the overall building design should remain the same while internal configurations can vary as required to meet project specific requirements. For GPW's of 22,000 GSF or less, the clear height should be set at a minimum of 22 feet.For GPW’s lager than 22,000, the clear height should be set at a minimum of 32 feet.

Note that a model 1391 template is NOT provided for the GPW.Because there are so many variables in determining the configuration for a GPW, the room-by-room analysis (posted as a separate document) should be consulted for the most appropriate guidance in designing these facilities.

Please contact the Technical POC for additional details.


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