Criminal Investigation Command

Functional ProponentG3
Technical POCMatthew Scanlon
COS ManagerMatthew Scanlon
Category Code(s)14114


Standard Designs are provided for field offices and for the Battalion HQ facility. The Field Office facility is the basic operating unit responsible for conducting criminal investigative activities within its geographic AOR and has full operational capability including evidence processing/storage, intelligence/investigative functions (polygraph, interview, etc), and supporting functions, but with limited clerical/administrative capabilities. Each of the three field office facilities - RA5-9, RA10-15, and the RA24 - corresponds to the number of agents required to be housed. The Battalion HQ facility retains command and control of investigative activities within the geographic AOR assigned by the parent group, as well as the basic management, logistical, and administrative support to subordinate field offices. However, unlike battalion HQ catcode 14182, the CIDC Battalion facility incorporates Company Operations functions, arms vault, and the full suite of investigative functions for training purposes and for field office overflow - these special spaces include but are not limited to polygraph, evidence storage, and TOE storage (for deployed battalions). CIDC units at battalion level and below thus occupy these facilities, while CIDC units at brigade, region, and higher should occupy 14182, Brigade Headquarters Building, or 61050, Administrative Building, General Purpose.


There are no variations to this facility standard design.


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