Advanced Individual Training Complex

Functional ProponentG-3/5/7
Technical POCJavier Fano
COS ManagerMatt Milliorn
Category Code(s)72121

The AIT Complex provides living and training facilities for soldiers during their advanced individual training.


Advanced Individual Training (AIT) complexes are required by the Army to encompass living, dining, training, and administrative/command operations. AIT Complexes are comprised of Barracks/Company Operations Facilities (B/COF), Dining Facility (DFAC), Battalion Headquarters (BNHQ), and Lawn Equipment Storage Buildings (LEB). These facilities, with outdoor training areas and any additional support facilities are arranged on the site as a unit to allow the battalion to live, eat, train, and work together. When multiple battalions are organized under a brigade, a Brigade Headquarters (BDE HQ) may also be programmed in the AIT Complex.

B/COF is comprised of living quarters, toilets, multi-purpose rooms, storage, company operations and other support spaces. DFAC is comprised of delivery, storage, food preparation, cleaning, serving, and seated dining; field feeding components should be evaluated at the 1391 Charrette to determine if they will be a requirement for the proposed DFAC. BNHQ is comprised of administration, special functions, storage, and multi-purpose room components for personnel assigned to work in those facilities. BDE HQ is comprised of administrative and special function components for personnel assigned to work in those facilities. LEB provides storage for maintenance equipment and materials. The site includes a running track, physical training (PT) pits, vehicular and service access drives, and parking areas.


Standard Designs are site adapted as required for construction at each individual complex.

Standard design documentation for the two DFAC configurations (1300PN and 2600PN) for this complex is provided on the Norfolk COS webpage.


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