Echelons Above Brigade Command & Control Facility

Functional ProponentDCS, G-3
Technical POCSara Murphy
COS ManagerJeff Stein
Category Code(s)14190/XXXXX


The Echelons Above Brigade (EAB) Command and Control Facilities (C2F) and Other Army Headquarters Standard Design defines functional/operational requirements for EAB C2F and other Army headquarters. The criteria contained in this Standard Design are applicable to the planning, design, and construction of all C2F/Other Army HQ with emphasis on mission requirements for Army Division (DIV), Corps (CORPS), Numbered Army (#A), Army Service Component Commands (ASCC), and Army Command (ACOM) HQ; and Table of Distribution & Allowance (TDA) and Direct Reporting Units (DRU) HQ. Therefore, the C2F and Other Army HQ Standard Design is applicable for both Tables of Organization & Equipment (TOE) and Tables of Distribution & Allowances (TDA) organizations and supporting augmentation activities. The criterion applies equally to active component requirements worldwide and reserve component TOEs when fielded as stand alone, dedicated facilities. The TOE facilities governed by this standard design are grouped under the single facility category code of 14190, but consist of functional elements from category codes 13131 (Information Processing Center), 14182 (Brigade HQ), 14161 (Emergency Operations Center - EOC), and 14162 (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility - SCIF) as defined by DA PAM 415-28. The DRU and other TDA facilities are grouped under a separate facility category code (FCC) of XXXXX (final FCC determination being coordinated by the Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff, G-9 (DCS, G-9)).


C2 Facility Options for FCC 14190:

  • Division HQ
  • Corps HQ
  • Numbered Army HQ
  • Army Service Component Command (ASCC) HQ
  • Army Command (ACOM) HQ

Army HQ Facility Options for FCC XXXXX:

  • Direct Reporting Unit (DRU) HQ
  • Table of Distribution & Allowance (TDA) organizations commanded by an O6 or general officer (GO)


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