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Functional Proponent:
Technical POC:Evy Ayala
COS Manager:Tricia Torok
Category Code(s):

Space Information

The dining facility is a complete 14 bay facility which can feed 500 PN 3 times per day with 2 shifts per meal. There is seating for 72 PN. Another 14 bay seating area can be added which will seat 244 PN.

Option 1: 14 Bay, Open Seating with Kitchen


Size: 500 PN

Details: Open Seating with kitchen & Serving space

ROM with Contractor Labor: $500k

ROM with Troop Labor: $385k

Option 2: 14 Bay, Open Seating



224 PN


Open Seating

ROM with Contractor Labor


ROM with Troop Labor


Envelope Variations by Space Function