Operational Readiness Training Complex

Operational Readiness Training Complex

Functional Proponent:DAMO-TRC, HQDA ACSIM
Technical POC: Derek (Drew) Henry
COS Manager: Derek (Drew) Henry
Category Code(s):14184/72114/72412/72212/14186/21406/14187

Facility Information


The Operational Readiness Training Complex (ORTC) Army Standard Design defines functional/operational requirements for brigade and battalion level transient training and mobilization/demobilization activities. The ORTC SD provides parameters for basic, austere but durable facilities to accommodate the following transient training functions:


The ORTC SD applies to Active, Reserve and National Guard Component facilities on Army Installations, with the exception of facilities intended for permanent party (non-transient) soldiers, Initial Entry Training, Advanced Individual Training, or Warrior Transition Units, which are addressed by separate Standard Designs. Transient training facilities are intended for up to 90 day training periods.

Facility requirements are predicated on current force structure alignments established for Brigade Combat Teams (BCT).A Brigade Complex is composed of six (6) individual battalion sets that can accommodate a population ranging from 752 (intended) to 880 (maximum capacity), and an overall BCT/UA population of 4512 (intended) to 5280 (maximum capacity).

Battalion set is composed of:

Facility Type ​CATCD (1) GSF (4) ​Notes
Battalion Headquarters​ ​14184 ​7,107 ​​
Barracks​ ​72114

​30,669 ea bldg. or

61,227 ea bldg

​Four 2-Story Bldgs per battalion set, or

Two 4-Story Bldgs per battalion set

Officer’s Quarters (2) ​72412 22,857​
​​Dining Facility (3) ​72212



​​720PN (Small) - Supports 1 Battalion set

1428PN (Large) - Supports 2 Battalion sets

Company Headquarters​ ​14186 ​19,579 ​​Supports Six Companies
Vehicle Maintenance Shop​ ​21406 10,200 ​Motor Pool Hardstand (33,000 SY)
Brigade Headquarters​ ​14187 ​10,241 ​One required per six battalion complex
(1) No Cat Code exists for the ORTC Complex. When identifying a project, utilize the cat code of largest facility.
(2) COS, Honolulu District (POH).
(3) COS, Norfolk District (NAO).
(4) GSF calculated in accordance with UFC 3-101-01


Name Size
Army Standards  1
Standard Designs  2
DD1391 Templates  8
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