Religious Education Facility

Functional ProponentOTC
Technical POCAskelon Parker
COS ManagerMatt Hebert
Category Code(s)73018


This Army Standard for Religious Education Facilities (Category Code 73018) serves all Soldiers, their Family Members, retirees, DOD civilians, and other authorized personnel on a military garrison. This standard functions as part of a Chapel “functional unit”, which consists of a worship supporting component and a religious education supporting component that together supports the full slate of Chaplaincy programs. When the religious education supporting component is combined in a project with the worship supporting component, the set will be referred to as a Chapel Complex. Since the worship supporting component may be provided as a "stand-alone" project (and has a separate Category Code), it is addressed in a separate Army Standard for General Congregation Chapels.


RF-EL Large Religious Education Facility

RF-EM Medium Religious Education Facililty

RF-ES Small Religious Education Facility


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