COS Points of Contact

FacilityCOSCOS ManagerTechnical POC
Access Control PointsNWOMatt HebertBrian Erickson
AdministrationTAMTricia TorokEvy Ayala
Advanced Individual Training ComplexSWFMatt MilliornJavier Fano
Air Operations Building and Air Traffic Control Tower (AOB/ATCT)SASJeff SteinSara Murphy
Army Family HousingNAOMatthew ScanlonMatthew Scanlon
Automation-Aided InstructionNAOMatthew ScanlonMatthew Scanlon
Basic Training and One Station Unit Training ComplexSWFMatt MilliornJavier Fano
BattleField Weather Support FacilitySASJeff SteinSara Murphy
BilletingTAMTricia TorokEvy Ayala
Briefing/Assembly/ClassroomTAMTricia TorokEvy Ayala
Brigade/Battalion HeadquartersSASJeff SteinSara Murphy
Central Issue FacilitySWFMatt MilliornJavier Fano
ChapelsNWOMatt HebertAskelon Parker
Child Development Center - Less than 6 Years of AgeHNCChris RobbinsMichael Johnson
Child Development Center - School-Age FacilityHNCChris RobbinsMichael Johnson
Company Operations FacilitySASJeff SteinSara Murphy
Criminal Investigation Command NAOMatthew ScanlonMatthew Scanlon
DiningTAMTricia TorokEvy Ayala
ENVELOPESTAMTricia TorokEvy Ayala
Echelons Above Brigade Command & Control FacilitySASJeff SteinSara Murphy
Enlisted Personnel Dining Facility (EPDF)NAOMatthew ScanlonMatthew Scanlon
Family Life CenterNWOMatt HebertAskelon Parker
Fire StationHNCChris RobbinsChris Shepherd
Fire StationTAMTricia TorokEvy Ayala
Fixed Wing Aviation Unit Aircraft Maintenance HangarSAMDan BushJohn Wahlers
Force ProtectionTAMTricia TorokEvy Ayala
General Instruction BuildingNAOMatthew ScanlonMatthew Scanlon
General Purpose Maintenance Facility - Logistics Readiness CenterSASJeff SteinSara Murphy
General Purpose WarehouseSWFMatt MilliornJavier Fano
HeadquartersTAMTricia TorokEvy Ayala
Information Systems FacilityNAOMatthew ScanlonMatthew Scanlon
Initial Entry Training ChapelsNWOMatt HebertAskelon Parker
Joint Operation CenterTAMTricia TorokEvy Ayala
Judicial Center with CourtroomLRLJennifer HenryMargaret (Maggie) Thacher
LatrineTAMTricia TorokEvy Ayala
LaundryTAMTricia TorokEvy Ayala
MWR-FitnessTAMTricia TorokEvy Ayala
MedicalTAMTricia TorokEvy Ayala
Non‐Commissioned Officer AcademyNAOMatthew ScanlonMatthew Scanlon
Officer QuartersTAMTricia TorokEvy Ayala
Operational Readiness Training ComplexLRLJennifer HenryMargaret (Maggie) Thacher
Physical Fitness CenterHNCChris RobbinsRoss Allen
Reception BarracksSWFMatt MilliornJavier Fano
ReligiousTAMTricia TorokEvy Ayala
Religious Education FacilityNWOMatt HebertAskelon Parker
Senior Leaders QuartersPOHPaul KaiPaul Kai
Soldier Performance Readiness CenterHNCChris RobbinsRoss Allen
TDA Aviation Unit Aircraft Maintenance HangarSAMDan BushJohn Wahlers
TOE Rotary Wing Aviation Battalion Aircraft Maintenance HangarSAMDan BushJohn Wahlers
Tactical Equipment Maintenance FacilitySASJeff SteinSara Murphy
Tactical Operation CenterTAMTricia TorokEvy Ayala
Tactical Unmanned Aircraft Systems Maintenance HangarSAMDan BushJohn Wahlers
Transient Officers QuartersPOHPaul KaiPaul Kai
Unaccompanied Enlisted Personnel HousingSWFMatt MilliornJavier Fano
Unit Supply Support Activity FacilitySWFMatt MilliornJavier Fano
Weapon StorageTAMTricia TorokEvy Ayala
Youth CenterHNCChris RobbinsMichael Johnson