COS Manager: Dan Bush

Mobile District is the Army Center of Standardization for Army Aviation Facilities (Vertical) (AVN-COS). The AVN COS must review all Army Aviation Facility (Vertical) projects in accordance with the Army Standard for Aircraft Maintenance Hangar Complex. The AVN-COS is a value-added team member when developing the scope and requirements for Army Aviation Facilities (Vertical). The AVN-COS provides USACE PDT's with a direct link to HQDA, G4 Aviation and other Army aviation proponents.

Mobile District was formally established in 1815. Mobile District has both civil works and military missions throughout the southeastern United States and in Central and South America.

The District supports the Army, Air Force, NASA and other federal agencies in Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, and Central and South America. This work includes design and construction management for a multitude of different types of facilities such as medical centers, dormitories, aviation facilities, sewage treatment plants, headquarters complexes and family housing.

The District provides engineering, environmental, and humanitarian support to various nations and organizations throughout Central and South America in support of the US Southern Command. The District also provides engineering studies and other technical assistance such as master planning, environmental management and real estate support.

Mobile District's Civil Works area of operations covers 96,000 square miles in Alabama, Florida, Georgia and Mississippi. It includes all river, harbor and flood control work within the drainage basins of six major river systems. Our civil works mission includes navigation within five major inland waterways providing over 2,200 miles of navigation, seven deep-water harbors, 21 shallow draft ports, and eight hydropower facilities.

Mobile District's Interagency & International Service Role provide engineering and construction support to various other agencies such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Environmental Protection Agency, to name a few.

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