Fire Station

Functional ProponentDCS, G-9
Technical POCChris Shepherd
COS ManagerChris Robbins
Category Code(s)73010


FS facilities are comprehensive facilities designed to support the military firefighter’s mission to protect lives, installation facilities and flightlines. The facility also accommodates the firefighters’ administrative functions and provides an environment for fire prevention education and training. The varying components for this facility will be: building occupancy requirements, regional soils and climatic conditions, facility structural considerations, HVAC systems, and the exterior architectural features. Therefore, the overall building design and configurations will vary as required to meet project specific requirements.


Facility Size Classification Satellite Station (SF) ​One-Story Headquarters (SF) ​Two-Story Headquarters (SF)
One-Company​ ​11,500 ​16,500 NA
Two-Company​ ​15,000 ​20,200 24,600
Three-Company​ ​17,500 ​23,100 27,600


Army Standards1
DD1391 Templates8
Example Projects0
Misc. Docs (VE, LCCA, LEED, etc...)16
Standard Designs2