Basic Training and One Station Unit Training Complex

Functional ProponentG-3/5/7
Technical POCJavier Fano
COS ManagerMatt Milliorn
Category Code(s)72181 (includes 14185, 17119), 14183, 44220, 17139, 72210

The BT Complex provides the living and training facility for soldiers during their basic and unit training following induction into the Army.


Basic Training and One Station Unit Training (BT/OSUT) complexes are required by the Army to encompass living, dining, training and administrative/command operations for a 5-Company, 1200 person, Battalion.BT/OSUT complexes are comprised of include living accommodations for trainees in Barracks / Company Operations Facilities (BCOF), Dining Facility (DFAC), Battalion Headquarters(BNHQ), and Lawn Equipment Storage Buildings (LEB). The facilities, with outdoor training areas, and any additional support facilities, are arranged on the site as a unit to allow the battalion to live, eat, train and work together.

The BCOF is comprised of bunk-bed sleeping facilities, latrine, classrooms, storage, and company operations components.Each living area is designed to accommodate sixty trainees in a dormitory layout and may be increased to a maximum population of seventy-two trainees to accommodate population surges.The DFAC is composed of delivery, storage, preparation, cleaning, serving, seated dining, and field feeding components; field feeding components should be evaluated at the 1391 Charrette to determine if they will be a requirement for the proposed DFAC.DFAC capacity is based on a maximum 95% utilization factor. The BNHQ facility is comprised of administration, special functions, storage and classroom components for personnel assigned to work in those facilities.Lawn Equipment Storage Buildings (LEB) will provide adequate storage for maintenance equipment and materials used in the grounds-keeping and care of the Basic Training facility site.BT/OSUT Complexes include the following: outdoor training areas, to include, a quarter mile track and physical training (PT) pits, vehicular and service access drives and POV and GOV parking areas.


Standard Designs are site adapted as required for construction at each individual site. Standard design documentation for the two DFAC configurations (1300PN and 2600PN) for this complex is provided on the Norfolk COS webpage.


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