Tactical Unmanned Aircraft Systems Maintenance Hangar

Functional ProponentDCS, G4
Technical POCJohn Wahlers
COS ManagerDan Bush
Category Code(s)21115 (11340, 21470, and 44222)


The Army Standard Design (SD) for the Tactical Unmanned Aircraft Systems (TUAS) hangar defines a complex of facilities dedicated to operating, maintaining and housing Army Group 3 tactical unmanned aerial vehicles for the assigned Army Combat Aviation Brigade. Currently, Group 3 aircraft consists solely of the RQ-7 Shadow which operate at medium altitudes with medium to long range endurance.

The SD defines the functional space and equipment requirements required to maintain each TUAV up to Field Light maintenance level. Typical functional spaces within this Hangar Standard include the maintenance bay, maintenance administrative and QA/QC areas, parts and tools storage, component repair shops, flight planning and flight operations, and company daily administrative and supply activities. The facility also accommodates Organizational Storage (44224), Covered Fueling Point (14179), POL Storage / Hazardous Material Storage (21470), and Hangar Access Apron (11340).

The Group 3 hangar is available for up to three assigned platoons. Miscellaneous support vehicles and trailers will be stored and maintained at a separate adjacent Tactical Equipment Maintenance Facility (TEMF) or Motor Pool.


No variations for facility standard design.


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