BattleField Weather Support Facility

Functional ProponentDCS, G2
Technical POCSara Murphy
COS ManagerJeff Stein
Category Code(s)14117


Battlefield Weather Support Facilities (BWF) for Squadrons (SQDNs) and Detachments (DETs) on Army Installations provide a consolidated support facility to house, train, and sustain USAF Battlefield Weather Units in direct support to Army units IAW AR 115-10. The facility also serves as the primary staging, training, and deployment center for Air Force battlefield weather support personnel and their individual equipment. The BWF requires both administrative and readiness modules. The BWF includes administrative, personnel support and maintenance space allowances typically provided in Army Battalion (SQDN BWF) or Company Admin & Supply (DET BWF) facilities configured for USAF organizational structure (composition), functions, and operations IAW AR 115-10.


  • Large Squadron (60-85 PN with SQDN staff, 4 flights and a support flight) 19,800 GSF
  • Small Squadron (30-50 PN with SQDN staff, 2 flights and a support flight) 13,300 GSF
  • Large Detachment (45-60 PN, 3 flights and a support flight ) 14,600 GSF
  • Small Detachment (20-40 PN, 2 flights and a support flight) 10,700 GSF


Army Standards1
DD1391 Templates4
Standard Designs1