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Judicial Center with Courtroom

Functional ProponentHQDA OTJAG
Technical POCMargaret (Maggie) Thacher
COS ManagerJennifer Henry
Category Code(s)61075


The Judicial Centers (JC) Army Standard Design defines the functional requirements for Planning, Design, and Construction of all Army JC facilities worldwide. Project facility includes six functional areas: Courtroom, Judge's Chambers, Staff/Administration Areas, Deliberation Suite, Support Areas, and Public Areas.

Co-location of a Judicial Center with functions and operations other than those of the Staff Judge Advocate (in accordance with AR 27-1, Legal Services) is prohibited.

Renovated facilities shall meet functional requirements for the Courtroom, Deliberation Room and Judges Chambers including all technology and access control point requirements contained herein.


Below should be a table..

Facility Type CATCD SF Notes
Judicial Center (JC) 61075 12,983 Total Area provided for Judicial Center is 12,983 GSF in the Std Design as calculated in accordance with UFC 3-101-01. The Army Standard allows for a maximum 13,500 GSF for flexibility in structural systems, climate, and utility space over that shown in the Standard Design.


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