Functional ProponentOTC
Technical POCAskelon Parker
COS ManagerMatt Hebert
Category Code(s)73017


The chapel facility type is designed to support the functional needs-set of Army community congregations. Congregations may be made up of soldier families or soldiers temporarily separate from families. The primary sub-need-set it supports is worship, but there are a range of other sub-need-sets that it also supports such as fellowship, informal counsel/encouragement, ceremonial, etc. All congregations also have an important sub-need-set for religious education and it is intended that a companion facility meeting that sub-need-set be collocated with the chapel facility. All congregations have individuals and families with an important need for formal counsel and it is intended that a separate facility meeting that sub-need-set be located in a separate relatively discreet but accessible location on Installations. Recent research has sought to identify evolving trends in worship and other congregation supporting activities that should be accommodated in the immediate future. The results of this research have been combined with lessons learned from the most recently constructed facilities and used to develop a new Army Standard and new Army Standard Design that is to take effect for FY15 projects and beyond. The currently applicable Army Standard and Army Standard Design for IET Type congregation Chapels will apply to all projects in the future until such time as a limit or change is set.


RF-LC Large Basic

RF-MC Medium Basic

RF-SC Small Basic Chapel

RF-LCC Large Compact Chapel

RF-MCC Medium Compact Chapel

RF-SCC Small Compact Chapel

RF-LEC Large Enhanced Chapel

RF-MEC Medium Enhanced Chapel

RF-SEC Small Enhanced Chapel


For design documents and technical support, please contact the COS Manager listed above for more information.