Access Control Points

Functional ProponentOPMG
Technical POCBrian Erickson
COS ManagerMatt Hebert
Category Code(s)14113, 87250, 85110


The Army Standard for Access Control Points (ACP) was approved by the Deputy Chief of Staff, G-9 (DCS, G-9) on 13 April 2012.

The USACE Omaha District is the Center of Standardization (COS) for ACP and is the primary developer of the Army Standard for ACP. The COS for ACP worked with DCS, G-9 and OPMG to ensure that the Standard accurately reflects the requirements of HQDA.

The waiver process for Army Standards is identified in AR 420-1. The Army Standard is effective for Military Construction design, and mandatory, where possible within statutory limitations, for major renovation projects in FY2013 and beyond. For COS purposes major renovations have been interpreted as those projects causing a change to the footprint of the ACP (e.g. change in number of lanes, location of active vehicle barriers or ID check, etc.). For those projects using prior years funds (those which do not meet the aforementioned triggers for the 2012 version of the Army Standard) the version of the Army Standard in effect will be utilized. Links to those previous versions can be found in the Library below.

The aforementioned 13 April 2012 Army Standard for ACP will be used in combination with the September 2020 version of the Army ACP Standard Design and the February 2021 ACP Standard Design Drawings.

The September 2020 version of the ACP Standard Design replaced the October 2018, which had replaced the May 2013 version. The February 2021 version of the ACP Standard Design Drawings replaced the May 2013 version and interim electrical drawings dated November 2019.

Any questions related to the Army Standard for ACP or the Army ACP Standard Design/Criteria for ACP should be directed to the Omaha COS points of contact shown on this page.

The 2012 Army Standard, the 2020 Army ACP Standard Design, and Army ACP Standard Design Drawings can be downloaded from the Library below.


There are no variations on this standard design.


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