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Facility NameCategory CodeFunctional ProponentCOSImage
Access Control Points14113, 87250, 85110OPMGNWO
Advanced Individual Training Complex72121G-3/5/7SWF
Army Community Service Center74033CFSCHNC
Army Family Housing71111, 71112, 71113, 71114, 71115, 71116, 71117DCS G-9 Housing, NAVFAC, AFNAO
Attack Reconnaissance/Assault Battalion Hangar21110 (11370, 11340, 21470, and 44222)DCS, G4SAM
Automated Record Fire Range17805G3HNC
Automation-Aided Instruction17136G3/TRADOCNAO
Aviation Support Battalion Hangar21110 (11370, 11340, 21470, and 44222)DCS, G4SAM
Basic 10M - 25M Firing Range 17801G3HNC
Basic Training and One Station Unit Training Complex72181 (includes 14185, 17119), 14183, 44220, 17139, 72210G-3/5/7SWF
Battle Command Training Center17213G3HNC
BattleField Weather Support Facility14117DCS, G2SAS
Brigade/Battalion Headquarters14182 (BDE HQ), 14183/17119 (BN HQ)DCS, G3SAS
Central Issue Facility44227DCS, G4SWF
Child Development Center74017G-9HNC
Combat Pistol - MP Firearms Qualification Course 17822G-3HNC
Company Operations Facility14185, DCS, G-3SAS
Criminal Investigation Command 14114G3NAO
Directorate of Emergency Services Facility73010OPMGHNC
Echelons Above Brigade Command & Control Facility14190/XXXXXDCS, G-3SAS
Enlisted Personnel Dining Facility (EPDF)72210, 72212G4/JCCOENAO
Family Life Center73019OTCNWO
Fire StationTAM
Fire Station73010DCS, G-9HNC
Force ProtectionTAM
General Instruction Building17120, 74025G3NAO
General Purpose Warehouse44110, 44220, 44230, 44271, 44288G4SWF
General Support Aviation Battalion Hangar21110 (11370, 11340, 21470, and 44222)DCS, G4SAM
Information Systems Facility13115G6NAO
Initial Entry Training Chapels73017OTCNWO
Joint Operation CenterTAM
Judicial Center with Courtroom61075HQDA OTJAGLRL
Live Fire Exercise Shoothouse17879G3HNC
MWR-Fitness, TAM
Military Entrance Processing Station61001DODNAO
Modified Record Fire Range17806G3HNC
Non‐Commissioned Officer Academy17120, 72122, 72210, 75027G-3/5/7NAO
Officer QuartersTAM
Operational Readiness Training Complex14184, 72114, 72412, 72212, 14186, 21406, 14187DAMO-TRC, HQDA DCS G-9LRL
Outdoor Sports Facilities75020, 75021, 75022, 75024, 75025, 75027CFSCHNC
Physical Fitness Facility74028G-9HNC
Reception Barracks72122G1SWF
Religious Education Facility73018OTCNWO
School Age Center74016G-9HNC
Senior Leaders Quarters72410DCS G-9 HousingPOH
Soldier Family Service CenterTBDCFSCHNC
Tactical Equipment Maintenance Facility21410 (21412, 21470, 45210, and 85210)DCS, G-4SAS
Tactical Operation CenterTAM
Training Support Center14129G3HNC
Transient Officers Quarters72412DCS G-9 HousingPOH
Unaccompanied Enlisted Personnel Housing72111, 17138, 72181G1SWF
Unit Supply Support Activity Facility44226DCS, G4SWF
Unmanned Aircraft Systems Hangars21115 (11340, 21470, and 44222)DCS, G4SAM
Urban Assault Course17878G3HNC
Weapon StorageTAM
Youth Center74066G-9HNC