Fixed Wing Aviation Unit Aircraft Maintenance Hangar

Functional ProponentDCS, G4
Technical POCJohn Wahlers
COS ManagerDan Bush
Category Code(s)21110 (11370, 11340, 21470, 14179, and 44222)


The Fixed Wing Aviation Unit Aircraft Maintenance Hangar Army Standard defines an entire complex of facilities dedicated to the maintenance, repair, and operation of the aircraft assigned to individual Fixed Wing aviation units. Group 4 UAS such as the MQ-1C Gray Eagle, previously addressed in the TUAS Standard Design, are now addressed by this new Fixed Wing Army Standard.

The Standard defines the facility functional and equipment requirements for maintenance, flight and company operations. The accommodated company operations personnel do not require space within a separate Company Operations Facility (COF), FCC 14185. Typical functional spaces within this Hangar Standard include the maintenance bay, maintenance administrative and QA/QC areas, parts and tools storage, component repair shops, flight planning and flight operations, and company daily administrative and supply activities. The facility also accommodates Covered ASIOE and GSE storage (14179), UAS Container Storage (44222), POL Storage / Hazardous Material Storage (21470), Aircraft Wash Apron (11370), and Hangar Access Apron (11340). This Army Standard applies to all active Army and Reserve Component TOE and/or TDA Fixed Wing units.

Due to the unique nature of manned Fixed Wing units, there is no intention to create a manned Fixed Wing Standard Design. A Standard Design for a typical Group 4 UAS company is available in the Standard Design folder below. Contact COS for assistance in the programming and design of new manned Fixed Wing hangars.


No variations for facility standard design.


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