Transient Officers Quarters

Functional ProponentDCS G-9 Housing
Technical POCPaul Kai
COS ManagerPaul Kai
Category Code(s)72412


The Transient Training Officers Quarters houses unaccompanied officer personnel in Active and Reserve Component units training at sites other than home station (in other words, annual training for Reserve Components). This CATCD may also be used for OCONUS annual training quarters. The Transient Training Officers Quarters Army Standard Design provides parameters for basic, austere but durable facilities. The Transient Training Officers Quarters applies to Active, Reserve and National Guard Component facilities on Army Installations, with the exception of facilities intended for permanent party (non-transient), Initial Entry Training, Advanced Individual Training, or Warrior Transition Units, which are addressed by separate Standard Designs.


There are no variations on this facility standard design.


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